I dream of Brazil

This online dating site email came from a young man who lives in Bom Retiro, Brazil.  I certainly want to “get closer to other”. “hi pretty, how are you doing do you mind we get closer to other?”   His profile simply stated “I fun guy to be with.” Advertisements

English as a second language

I get a lot of these emails where the person appears to be a US Citizen and claims that English is their first language.  The profile of this online dating site user even said he had a college degree. “i just read your profile, and i enjoyed reading your profile, i like that you are someone that […]

I learned all I need by reading and working

I have a lot of admiration for self made men – not everyone gets the same educational opportunities in life.  But this online dating email just cracks me  up.  This gentleman with a high school education is trying to convince a woman with a masters degree that his life experiences and reading have made him educated […]

Kissing Classes? Really?

Strangely, every woman I showed this online dating email to was pretty grossed out, and a bit afraid. Not a single one found this remark to be enticing or exciting. “I once took an authentic French kissing class while in Paris last Spring. Kinda lifted my kissing skills from amazing to downright lethal….scared yet? I’ll […]

Good use of a pick up line

Actually thought this online dating email was a bit clever.   “Are you taking applications for a boyfriend? I have been single for too long and I think I lost my skills so I am trying my pick up lines to see if I still got it in me…. Let’s try this “There’s something wrong […]

We write as we speak

This online dating email came from a man in Kentucky.  He apparently spells phonetically.  He is indeed a god “fairing” man. “Hey, how are you doing?sincerely you have a lovely profile and a cute pics up there, i am not prude but believe the same rules apply when introducing yourself on-line as apply in real […]