I learned all I need by reading and working

I have a lot of admiration for self made men – not everyone gets the same educational opportunities in life.  But this online dating email just cracks me  up.  This gentleman with a high school education is trying to convince a woman with a masters degree that his life experiences and reading have made him educated enough to be a good match for her.  I have copied it just as I received it – without corrections to words or punctuation (I especially love the “our” / “are” confusion)

“Hi, Thanks for taking the time out of your day to look at my profile.Are interests are very much alike ,live in the city.Edgewater area near Loyola University.I was born and raised just outside of Boston been here since 1995. One thing is the college education.I am well read fiction-non fiction,up to date on all current affairs both local and abroad.Always seeing and watching the politics that effect us and knowing we better make some changes quick or we are in troube. I have been a Union Tradesman for 30 years yes we use are hands and back but without a good thought and plan your project goes nowhere. I was the foreman on the Trump Tower’s and the U505 Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry just to name a few.Self taught on how to red fullscle blue prints can figure the correct yards neede to pour a concrete deck in my head. I know and work with Project Managers .Architects that can’t do that and come to me for help and advice and thet have there degrees hanging on the wall. As far as life lessons I am a Cancer Survivor clean bill of health.I am what they call street smart and self taught you can’t learn that in a classroom. You are very attractive and smart.You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.Iam one of those books.I took the time to write this cause we know you are worth the time,I took the chance to see if you think I am worth a phone call or a cup of coffee. You never know unless you try,A diamond is but a piece of coal but you have to see through the ruff to find the jewel. P”


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