Not sure what to do with this

This online dating site letter came from someone who lives more than 2 hours away from me.  This letter was sent on OkCupid, where you can answer a wide variety of questions and then see how well your answers match to a potential date.  He refers to those questions in this letter.

“Wow, considering how many questions you’ve answered I can’t believe how high our Match percentage is! Most women I rank high with have only answered 50 questions or less.
I can’t seem to find the other 5 questions that I haven’t answered of yours though.
I hope your finding the men on this site to your liking. It sounds like a lot of guys out there ask pretty stupid questions of women, making them sound more like animals than humans (which they are!).
Not that I’m your type or anything, but I’m sorry your so far away, it would have been interesting to talk and share interests. I’m not a Big City person at all, so I know it wouldn’t have worked anyway, it still would be nice to meet someone who thinks more the way I do, at least at some things!
I hope you find someone special just for you, and share a wonderful life!”


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