A Dating Poem

I kid you not, this guy sent me an online dating email with the poem below.  Frankly, I got bored and didn’t read the whole thing.  I wonder if he copied it from somewhere or actually wrote it.  Hope you can get through it.   “Here’s a poem on online dating and how you are […]

He met my profile

This is a new one.  This foreign dater met my profile.  I hope he develops a long and lovely relationship with it.  Maybe my profile will write him back.   “Hello, How are you doing and how is your week going? I’m Nikolas. I met your profile on here and decided to drop you a […]

Looking for a married woman?

Although I am sure he didn’t mean this, this online dating site letter said this man was looking for his Mrs. Right.  Reading that literally, he is looking for a woman who is already married.  Clearly writing English is not his strength.   “You have a pretty and lovely looks and I do admire you […]