A Dating Poem

I kid you not, this guy sent me an online dating email with the poem below.  Frankly, I got bored and didn’t read the whole thing.  I wonder if he copied it from somewhere or actually wrote it.  Hope you can get through it.


“Here’s a poem on online dating and how you are a little wary maybe of online dating and how I am too, but we must go ahead….

There’s not much you have to go on by I understand
you have to preserve your modesty and to yourself be good

You only have a picture and a few words from me
here’s really no reason for you to believe in me

Yet you took the chance and meditated
To me that meant a lot I realized

Do you know I have been rejected by many
To you it may sound funny

Neither black nor white I am
Yet you saw something that is really to me calm

In a world of danger
I hope you do prosper

There’s nothing from me to fear
To you let me reassure

Trust me on a future together
That is what I really offer

What am I really after
A friendship that endures and more

How can I tell you who I am
That question makes me the man that I am

Philosophy is dear to me
Please do bless me

Know me if you will
I am not run of the mill

Treasure you I will
For you I might even kill

How can I say this is indeed forever
I do know you I will treasure

These songs are really yours
Did you know I love the doors

Music is but one way to make love
Teach me what it is do move

Have you not inspired this
Let us seal it with a kiss

I go on writing as if theres no tomorrow
Love let me from you borrow

May I never make you unhappy
Tell me there’s at least a maybe

My poetry will not last forever
I’ll certainly need a makeover

Make me the person you would make love to
Don’t you think I also want to

Imapatience is the virtue of men they say
Hope you don’t think so I pray

Judge me if you want to
Tell me everything you find you do need to

I will learn from you
Everytime I make love to you

No, I am not a charmer
This inspiration is yours my dear

Much I have lost and much I have won
Theres not a lot of good that I have done

I have to say I have loved before
With time I have grown more

Other girlfriends I had this I cannot deny
It is truth that I dare not defy

Would you rather I cheat and lie
I know that I’d rather not many times die

Is there something special about you I ask
I have now taken off my mask

Taboos there are and evil does exist
For social rules and dramas I care not

Will you go to the opera with me
Will you drink that wine with me

To me you look just fine
Sometimes the hair then the eyes, everything about you is nice

It is you mind that I love
It’s your soul that I want to realize

becoming one with you I dream of
How to do it I am not sure of

Pleasures of the flesh are weak and not my kind of steak
What else then must I let you take

I know I don’t own my own self
To my inner voice I have been deaf

Truth be told I have a lot to learn
It does not matter how much I earn

There’s something that I really miss
It’s someone I just could not kiss

Missed I have been by some
Killed I have been by some

Learning to live again has become my passion
In every mistake I made there was a lesson

My sins are now my only regrets
To remedy them I seek not forgiveness

Time is more important than ever
Let’s not waste this moment which is so near

I have smelled the Moonlight and seen the fragrance of spring
It is really your very being

I will always share with you
Be honest, own me, will you?”

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