Yet something is missing??

This online dating site letter seems to be missing some words that might help it make some sense.

“How are you doing today? I was checking through profile on here and i got carried away by your stunning picture and could just go by without getting to know you and i hope i could read from you soon…..”


My favorite parts of this other one I got today are how he will “wait soon” to hear from me and how he viewed through my profile.

“Hello dear how are you doing?, it’s a privilege for me to view through your profile, your profile picture caught my eyes, please if you don’t mind i would love to know more about you and will as well like to be your friend.i wait soon to hear from you, cheers and have a good day ahead.”


And yet another one, all in the same day.  Must be New Year’s resolutions gone crazy.  I am sure I will respond right away so we can “know much about each other.”

“Hi I’m Gary and I will be happy to get to know more about you,I will be Glad If you reply me so we start a conversation so we could know much about each other.”

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