He really liked my profile

I got this dating site letter from a guy who lives 1700 miles away from me.  Apparently his love of my profile cannot be hampered by distance.  He sent 2 emails, one right after the other.

Email 1

“It’s my pleasure looking into your profile and i want an honest relationship and would love to get to know you because i liked your profile.And wish we could get to chat and know more about each other.”


Email 2

“You’ve taken the top spot in my list of ‘suggested matches’ all day, so I can’t hold out any longer, it’s time to get in touch. Why do you think the site reckons that we’re such a good match? Shall we find out?. I have been out of the dating world for a long time, but I feel like it must be like riding a bike?! If you like what you see so far I would love to hear from you… there is so much more!!!”

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