Dating as an investment?

This online dating email came from someone 26 years younger than me.  Aside from the total ewwww factor and the fact that he could be my son, I did find his reasoning quite entertaining. His user name “Cyborg Ron” “Ah, alas I’m not your type, but if you so choose to change your mind know […]

Extremely Gorgeous

I received this fairly insincere, smarmy online dating email and decided to engage him, just to see if he was for real.  Turns out, he was what I thought – an overseas impostor who could not put a real sentence together. He said: “I just saw your profile while perusing my okcupid network. You are […]

Ummm. What??

I find myself scratching my head to figure out what this guy wanted to say in his online dating email.  He included his phone number at the end I guess so I could call him to find out what he meant. “How you doing my name is sale are like your picture you look great […]