Extremely Gorgeous

I received this fairly insincere, smarmy online dating email and decided to engage him, just to see if he was for real.  Turns out, he was what I thought – an overseas impostor who could not put a real sentence together.

He said: “I just saw your profile while perusing my okcupid network. You are truly a beautiful woman. If I’m given half the chance, I would love to get to know you. So what else do you do besides looking so exquisite and extremely gorgeous?”

I replied: “Well, it is a ton of work to maintain exquisite and extreme gorgeousness. I used to settle for just super and high gorgeousness, but then I thought “why settle when with a ton more work and effort you could go supreme?”

Seriously, how do most women respond when you send them an email like that?”

He replied: “LOL… you seems not to believe my words, it powerful?”

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