How to spot a faker

I never post dating advice on this site.  But I thought my experience might help others.

I have to say I am becoming an EXPERT in finding the fakers.  I had been corresponding with someone who wrote beautiful letters, but they strangely did not seem to respond to anything I said in my responses.  I got suspicious – could he be using canned emails and pasting them to many others?  Today, he gave me an email address from his “business”.  I Googled the url – turns out the URL was purchased just 2 weeks ago.  The site had very vague info on it and no bio for him.  No other sign of him online – no articles, no linkedin, no whitepages.  Good try guy but the fake website ain’t gonna cut it with this lady.

My friends helped me go one step further.  His posted photos were really gorgeous and I figured he had probably stolen them from some actor’s website.  My friend told me to do this: copy the URL of the photo you’re checking, and then when you go to Google images, click the little camera icon in the search box and then enter (paste) the URL address of the photo. Google will then find that photo online, not by words, but by the actual image itself, and you can see if the photo appears anywhere else on the web. usually, when it’s a scam, it does.

I followed his instructions and found the website the faker had used to steal the photos.  It was an actor with some very handsome photos.  This was his profile on the IMDB website.

Google images is now going to be my first check of an online dater!  Good luck and happy dating.

Post Script – I complained about this profile twice to and they have left it live on the site.  They told me I should just block his profile and they told me I should just quit their site.  Bad form

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