An “A” for Effort, A “C” for Chocolate

As a side job, I used to have a candy company where I made English Toffee.  I include that in my profile.  This charming gentleman took the time to acknowledge that.  But after reading it, I think he really did just want some of my toffee.


“Wow, you our [sic] the total package. I’m very impressed, and want to congratulate you. I wish more ladies on earth were like you
I read your profile, and I agree with 97.93.1% of what you said (I wish I had a score like that in Calculus 1-2-or3 ).
The reason I’m messaging is that I like English Toffee. Please tell me what I have to do to try your toffee

Ten reasons why to make toffee
10 I really like toffee, and will do anything to try yours. ( almost anything )
9 I’m honest
8. I try to take my mother to church every Sunday
7. Did I tell you I like toffee
6. I’m a hard working man
5. I have an Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and QC NDT degrees
4 I’m a field engineer, for the company that tries to keep your lights on
3 Why wouldn’t any man travel just to meet you and try your toffee
2. If you do not know I like toffee. Please start from the beginning of this message

The last reason. Number one. Maybe I should wait and let you think about. OK I can’t wait

1. Why can’t we be friends”


When I didn’t answer, he persisted:

“Please don’t walk away, without answering my toffee?”


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