Give this guy a deal on punctuation

Apparently, the person who wrote this dating site letter did not have the cash to pay for punctuation.  Perhaps someone can offer him a deal.  The sad thing is that he says he is a local firefighter – so I can’t blame his lack of good grammar on being a foreigner.  His entire profile is written as 1 long sentence with no periods or commas anywhere.

“Hello beautiful how are you doing today my name is xxxxxx and I find you very attractive let’s get together and see where it takes us you can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx I look forward to hear from you have a great day ​”


exclamation point


2 thoughts on “Give this guy a deal on punctuation

  1. thankyou for sharing that post i think it is endearing that someone would write like that but i get it why it can be annoying personally i find those types of things difficult to read and hard to type i hope you share other things like that thanks have a great day


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