Someone throw this guy an “S”

I don’t usually post online dating profiles – just the emails I get.  But this online dating profile cracked me up.  This man needs to go to Wheel of Fortune to guess an few “S’s” and buy a few “A’s”.  It is funny, because at times he remembers to use “a” – he just can’t get it together consistently.  And I don’t know what he means when he says he likes “county”.  What county would that be? Cook? DuPage?

“i am romantic man that knows how to treat a lady, i open door and pull out chair for her to sit on at dinner, i like to go dancing and watching movie, i like long walk along a beach or a park holding hands together and taking our time just talking. i like slow music ans mood music, i like county and candlelight dinner… I am an easy going man full of life and still very young at heart, i love to meet people and discover the beauty of life and nature. i have travelled to so many places have seen different culture and people so i came to a conclusion that i can make it anywhere. i am very romantic and caring, i do everything like a normal person and hardly get angry at people and i am comfident and ready to face challenges. i am presently single but with heart filled with love and hope to meet that special person to start a lovely and happy family with. i love peace and i will do anything to prevent war but i have a daughter and shes all i have now in my life and you know she needs a motherly love and care now that is why i want to open my heart once again for love..”


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