Graduate degree?

diploma dudeThis gentleman sent me an email using one of the free dating sites.  He claims to have a graduate degree.  I can’t imagine what university would give him one.  Here is what he wrote:

“Hello dear, how are you doing and everything around you?”

What does that mean?  And everything around you?

His profile is even better.  Clearly English is not his first language.

I am a [sic] easy going man and i know what it takes to love a woman and what it takes to be love [sic] by a woman. i liking [sic] going to the beach along side cool music. ”

So he likes to be beside music?  Lovely!  I hope it keeps him from being lonely.

This is how he responded to the question about what he wants to do on a first date:

building a wonderful family.together with all manners of sincerity and honesty. i am not here for games or child play. serious minded only

That is one very intense first date.

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