Picky picky

I got this dating site email – all it said was this: “You seem very nice with many of the qualities I am looking for. However you seem alittle (sic) pickier then myself.” What am I supposed to do with that?  Agree I am picky and that I am not interested?  This email came from […]

The Sexy Limit

This dating site email I received hits a new level of cheesy.  What makes it border on gross, is that the person who sent it to me is more than a decade younger than me. “Hey! Umm…Okc just text me, they wanted me to tell you that you’ve passed the sexy limit & that you […]

Seriously – What???

I got this exact dating site email today.  I think we have hit a new low. “Hay.havaryou.thisgeorge.kay.iamokay.idonhav.acat.ordogs.ilev.in.maysaiolf.ilaekyoubairai.youainmy.toubetougaidairfor.avair.ifyoulaik.i.lev.inthainortsait.neia.DEVAIRSY..AI.AUSTIN.KOLME.AINETAIM.IFYOULAIK.xxx-xxx-xxxxTHAINX.”


I love this short but sweet dating site email.  This person lives an hour from me and is all of 5’3″ tall (not that I am a height racist, but that is one short guy). “Hi how are u can u acept talk to me”

He met my profile

This is a new one.  This foreign dater met my profile.  I hope he develops a long and lovely relationship with it.  Maybe my profile will write him back.   “Hello, How are you doing and how is your week going? I’m Nikolas. I met your profile on here and decided to drop you a […]

Not sure what to do with this

This online dating site letter came from someone who lives more than 2 hours away from me.  This letter was sent on OkCupid, where you can answer a wide variety of questions and then see how well your answers match to a potential date.  He refers to those questions in this letter. “Wow, considering how […]