You just so beautiful

It was so kind of him to stop by and compliment me in this online dating site email.  It is unfortunate that his grasp of grammar is just not that stellar (he does get credit for using the right “you’re” and the smile).

“Hello I think you’re absolutely stunning, so i decided to drop a note by and I got to compliment you on how great you look, You just so Beautiful. Be looking forward to hear from you! *Smile*


An “A” for Effort, A “C” for Chocolate

As a side job, I used to have a candy company where I made English Toffee.  I include that in my profile.  This charming gentleman took the time to acknowledge that.  But after reading it, I think he really did just want some of my toffee.


“Wow, you our [sic] the total package. I’m very impressed, and want to congratulate you. I wish more ladies on earth were like you
I read your profile, and I agree with 97.93.1% of what you said (I wish I had a score like that in Calculus 1-2-or3 ).
The reason I’m messaging is that I like English Toffee. Please tell me what I have to do to try your toffee

Ten reasons why to make toffee
10 I really like toffee, and will do anything to try yours. ( almost anything )
9 I’m honest
8. I try to take my mother to church every Sunday
7. Did I tell you I like toffee
6. I’m a hard working man
5. I have an Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and QC NDT degrees
4 I’m a field engineer, for the company that tries to keep your lights on
3 Why wouldn’t any man travel just to meet you and try your toffee
2. If you do not know I like toffee. Please start from the beginning of this message

The last reason. Number one. Maybe I should wait and let you think about. OK I can’t wait

1. Why can’t we be friends”


When I didn’t answer, he persisted:

“Please don’t walk away, without answering my toffee?”

He thinks he is interested..

I have never shared the photo of one of the men who has sent me a dating site email.  But this one is just not good unless you see his photo.

Crazy guy photo

He is blessed

Photo copyright OkCupid 2016.

This is the email he sent me. I love how he “thinks” he is “pretty much” interested.  Words to win over a woman for sure.  He warms up later to say he is “very much” interested.

“Hello Beautiful, How are you doing today..? i hopefully believe you doing just… I got to read your profile and i think am pretty much interested in getting to know you more better and please do note am not in here for games or to toy with your emotion all am in here for is to see if i can find a compatible and reasonable woman, Who as the fear of God respect and value a relationship…She must be family oriented type and have a great sense of humor and i promise to treat her right through good and bad times, in a short paragraph can you tell me a little about you, and the reason you are here, I am interested i mean very much interested in you and i will say your picture and profile caught my attention and i think we posses the same qualities it going to be of a great interest for us to know each other better than just been chat mate. I do look forward to read from you soon… “

Seriously – What???

I got this exact dating site email today.  I think we have hit a new low.



I love this short but sweet dating site email.  This person lives an hour from me and is all of 5’3″ tall (not that I am a height racist, but that is one short guy).

“Hi how are u can u acept talk to me”

The future

I guess I no longer have to worry since this enlightened gentlemen from Iraq let me know I am already self aware in this dating site email.

“guess u does not live in fear of the future because u understand that yr life experiences are merely lessons meant to bring u closer to yrself and unconditional self-love. U can get lost in this sound”

Throw this man some punctuation

I love this online dating site letter. This man apparently does not know how to use the period or comma keys on his keyboard.  I can only imagine what his book or novel would look like.

“I’m not sure what it should say but I do like your profile and I do like the same of things you do I’m not gonna try to write you a long book or novel at this moment but maybe we could become friends and if so please reply by back thank you don’t judge a book by its cover you never know we can be good friends”

Damsel in Distress

The writer of this online dating letter referred to me as a damsel.  Well his letter certainly caused me some distress.

“Hi Damsel

You have such a wonderful profile picture, Your charming smile captivated the whole of my soul i had no choice than seat back too say hello and wait if i will get a quick respond from you . You so wonderful created and i would want us both too get in touch and be able too talk more often and know more about each other , Looking forward to get a respond from you. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a blessed weekend ahead !!”

Not a full note, just a piece

I love this dating site email.  He could only spare me a piece of a note, not a full one.  Too funny.  I also love the “weekend gong on well with you.”  That is a new bit of fractured English I haven’t heard before.

“Good morning my dear ,I hope your weekend is going on well with you and i have really love what i read in your profile and that makes me smile and i will love to send you a piece of note…I’m really new to the site and I don’t know much about the site. I was told about the site so I joined to give it a try, I’m looking for my soul mate, the right partner to spend the rest of my life with but I’m willing to meet a friend first and see where this will lead us to and I will like us to exchange cell phone numbers and text privately and see where this will lead us to and hope you dont mind and mine is xxx-xxx-xxxx just send me a text and i will be looking forward to get a text from you …”

Everybody’s working for the weekend

I am not really sure what he means, but this was definitely an entertaining way to complement me.  A new oddity for a online dating site email.

“Hello Dear

What can I say.. You look great and got me captivated with your great pic too……If I must say this, I think God must have created you on weekend so as not to be disturbed.You are beautiful and I just want to say I will like to get to know you better”