This is truly a new one in dating site letters.  I don’t understand why it is a compliment to say this to a woman.  Someone see if they can tell me why I should be flattered.  Perhaps there was more to his thought but he was unable to express it. “Hello there, Wow you looking […]

Picky picky

I got this dating site email – all it said was this: “You seem very nice with many of the qualities I am looking for. However you seem alittle (sic) pickier then myself.” What am I supposed to do with that?  Agree I am picky and that I am not interested?  This email came from […]

The Sexy Limit

This dating site email I received hits a new level of cheesy.  What makes it border on gross, is that the person who sent it to me is more than a decade younger than me. “Hey! Umm…Okc just text me, they wanted me to tell you that you’ve passed the sexy limit & that you […]

He thinks he is interested..

I have never shared the photo of one of the men who has sent me a dating site email.  But this one is just not good unless you see his photo. Photo copyright OkCupid 2016. This is the email he sent me. I love how he “thinks” he is “pretty much” interested.  Words to win […]

I’m on pins and needles with this one

I have never been hit on before by an acupuncturist.  This was a whole new experience for me in this online dating site email.  This email goes to a whole new level of completely creepy.   “Hello, where have you been all my life. I can learn so much from you. You are beautiful, intelligent […]

I love the letters from the foreigners

These make me laugh – it just never gets old.  Each one has some unique failure that is so entertaining. “Hello there.How are u doing?I am Mike and you,I saw ur profile and it brought to my attention,can we chat for a while and get to know each other very well if u wouldn’t mind”. […]

Good use of a pick up line

Actually thought this online dating email was a bit clever.   “Are you taking applications for a boyfriend? I have been single for too long and I think I lost my skills so I am trying my pick up lines to see if I still got it in me…. Let’s try this “There’s something wrong […]